Issa Asad Instant Profits with Instagram Review

I am not sure how many of you have actually checked out the Issa Asad Instant Profits with Instagram website ( but it is really working out well for me. You can grab Issa Asad's book on Amazon. I have only been doing the program for a few days but it has been working out for me. I have only been following the online instruction and the program is proving to work as of now.

What is RSS?

Are you promoting your RSS feed on your own blog? If you arent you are missing out - big time. If you get your readers to subscribe to your RSS Feed they will automaticly get your post either in their feed service or on email (my favorite) This way they dont have to check your site day in and day out only to see that nothing have happend. They know when you write new posts - since they get it in their mail box or in their feed service.

I come across a video on YouTube wich explains what RSS are all about:

How Do I Hide My Affiliate Links?

On the post “Why Do We Hate Affiliate Links?” I said that I where going to show you how to hide your affiliate links. So here I go.

Basically you got some different methods which you could use. On I use 301 redirects, which I make easy with a plugin.

URL Redirection

The plugin I use for Wordpress is called “Redirection“, and works perfectly for my needs. What it does is making 301 redirects. I type in what the url should look like, and what link it should point to. (see image below)

Display full article in RSS feed?

I often see discussion on different webmaster forums recarding if you should display only a summary in the RSS Feed or the whole article.

Here is (in my opinion) the pros and cons for displaying the whole article in your RSS Feed:

The Pros

Your reader gets the whole article in their reader with all the others, making them saving time.
Readers tends to like whole article feeds. Which means they are more likely to stay subscribed.
The Cons

Updated numbers

Hmm, already Sunday number four since this blog started, and the stats are looking good. Growth on all places.

(Last week in parentheses)

Some new starts

Alright, where to start. Just woke up this morning, doing my daily routine. Checked my email, read new comments on the site, and looked over comments which I had to approve. Then, for a change I saw that 15 new comments needed approval. (usually its one or two) This could be one out of two. Either my 20,000 Entrecard giveaway have been picked up by a big blogger or social network, or I just got approved as a nice site to spam on. When I saw what it was I guess it’s something in the middle. :P

My Chronicle

Using Spottt To Get Links

Alright, I have tried Spottt for a week now, and I’m not impressed. The exchange are not going to work for sites with low traffic, period. The only sites I can see this service work for is big sites with loads of views. That way they get an big amount of credits just for the views, but most certain they aren’t giving a good CTR. The only way such a service will work is either A: It’s based on clicks, not views. You send 2 clicks get 1 back. B: A more powerful category system, where your sites gets placed in a category with similar sites with similar CTR.

Free Credits

Monthly stats for my blog

The first whole month in my blogs history is finally over, and this post marks the start of my monthly income and stats reports. Since I haven’t focused so much on monetizing the site yet there is not much to show of yet, but I’ll run the report anyway. :)


Affiliate - $42,38

Private ad sale - $10

Reviews - $45

Kontera - $0,16

Project Wonderful - $4,16

Total: $101,70

Goals - Get over 100 subscribers.

For each month I’m going to make a post where I’ll try to write up some of my goals for the month. Now we have started on March, and here are what I need to get done within the month:

The Project - The Start

Ok, yesterday I said that I had some ideas that I was going to announce this week. Here comes the first one.

As you might already know I have bought myself a new phone, the LG KU990 Viewty. Thing is, when I get new stuff I tend to get really passionate about it, and as I’m a internet guy I tend to make new websites, dedicated to my new interest.

About Teche Center

Hi, Welcome to! My name is Sven and I am an internet marketer and developer. Alright. My main goal for this blog is to earn some good cash from it. Well - not to start with, but with some time hopefully its possible.

No ads
As you can see now there are no ads on the site - therefor I do not make anything with the site yet. When you start a new site i think its important to build up some traffic first, then you can start monetizing it. If you don’t have any traffic you will not make anything anyway.

So. I’m going to leave the site clean of ads out January (about 2 weeks) and when February starts it’s monetizing time!

Monthly updates
I’m planing to write a post at the beginning of each month where I present the numbers from the month before. Here I’m going to disclose views, earnings etc.

Where are we headed
What do you want to read about? Please leave a comment below and use a couple of minutes to ask questions and guide me in the right direction.

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